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Loose tea beautifully packed

Bear Dance
Amount: 100g | Packaging: Nachfüllpack
Mild stomach fruit tea with fruity raspberries, sweet strawberries and tart currants. You can also find this tea in our shop under the name Berry Star. CaffeineThis tea does not contain caffeine.IngredientsApple pieces, sultanas, carrot pieces, beetroot, strawberry slices, raspberries, natural flavouring, currants

Earl Grey Blue Star
Amount: 100g | Packaging: Tea & More Dose
Earl Grey: This is the finest black tea with a dash of bergamot. Our Earl Grey Blue Star consists of an Indian tea, pure bergamot oil as well as whole bergamot pieces and cornflower blossoms. In this blend, the fresh, lemony bergamot note is particularly accentuated.CaffeineThis tea contains about 3 % caffeine.IngredientsBlack tea, cornflower blossoms, bergamot pieces, natural flavouring

Breeze of relaxation (organic)
Amount: 100g | Packaging: Tea & More Dose
Breeze of Relaxation is a herbal tea for the quiet hours in the evening. It consists of many delicious ingredients and has a fresh, spicy taste.You can also find this tea in our shop under the name Mountain Tea, Lemon & Mint.CaffeineThis tea does not contain caffeine.IngredientsGreek mountain tea*, lemon grass*, marigold blossoms*, spearmint*, ginger*, lemon balm*, lemon myrtle*, cardamom*, natural flavouring,*= from controlled organic cultivation

Sweet Winter
Amount: 100g | Packaging: Tea & More Dose
Sweet Winter is a strong fruit tea with the taste of cherry and marzipan.You can also find this tea under the name Nikolausi and Cherry Marzipan in our shop.CaffeineThis tea does not contain caffeine.IngredientsHibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, sultanas, rose hips, cherries, orange peels, flavouring, rose petals.


Buy tea - Test the variety of teas from all over the world

Would you like to buy tea and are you looking for a shop that offers a particularly diverse selection of teas? Then you've come to the right place. No matter what type of tea you are looking for, you can buy different types of tea from us online and enjoy the variety of teas from all over the world at your favorite place. Take a look at our range and choose your favorite tea from countless varieties. You can buy loose tea from us, which is available in decorative tea tins as well as in an environmentally friendly refill pack. In addition to classic teas such as black tea, herbal tea or green tea, we also carry a large number of special varieties. These include, for example, organic tea, oolong tea and chai, as well as rooibos tea and white tea. The cultivation areas of the individual types of tea extend across all continents. From stimulating and refreshing to beneficial varieties - you can buy any tea from us conveniently online. Simply select your favorite tea and enjoy the varied taste of our herbal or fruit tea, black or green tea or tea for women.

Buy tea online - it's easy with us

In our online shop you will find both classic and special types of tea. This gives you the widest possible choice when buying tea online. Choose between varieties such as Kusmi, Terre d’Oc and English Tea Shop and find your favorite type of tea. From mild and aromatic to exotic and fruity-tart - you can buy different types of tea online in our tea shop. Our range of loose tea includes an exclusive selection of teas from all over the world, which you can buy in our shops and online. Browse through teas such as Pukka Tea, Kusmi Tea, David Rio or Florapharm and treat yourself to a break from everyday life with a delicious cup of tea of your choice. How about, for example, bamboo tea, moringa or ginger tea? Or would you prefer to buy turmeric, tulsi or hemp tea? No matter which sorts you prefer to drink, thanks to the diverse selection in our shop, it is particularly easy to buy tea online. Simply select any type of tea and find out more about the exact ingredients and the quantities available per tea caddy or refill pack.

Buy classic or unusual teas

It is very important to us that you can buy both classic and unusual teas from us. This is why our range includes a mix of popular teas as well as special types that you cannot get in the supermarket around the corner. In addition to special herbal teas such as Greek mountain tea, lapacho tea or verbena, you will find varieties such as jasmine tea, matcha tea, pear tea or date tea in our tea shop. We also have apple tea, quince tea and other fruit teas such as sea buckthorn tea and superfruit tea. The unusual teas in our shop include the Chinese oolong tea, the South African rooibos tea and the Indian chai. For the sake of the environment, you can buy tea from us in decorative, aroma-proof tea caddies and refill them with our refill packs if necessary. So you always have your favorite tea in stock and safely stored while you protect the environment.

Buy loose tea online - it's easy with us

If you want to buy loose tea, you've come to the right place. We carry a large selection of loose teas so that you can choose your favorite tea from them. Our teas are available in aroma-proof tins, which you can refill with our practical refill packs. With a click on a type of tea in our tea shop, you will receive further information on the ingredients and the quantities available. From 100-gram cans and refill packs to 250-gram and 500-gram tea caddies to 1000-gram refill packs - you can buy the amount of tea you want from us. There are many advantages to buying loose tea instead of buying it in industrially produced tea bags. On the one hand, you can dose loose tea particularly well and thereby individually determine the taste of your favorite tea variety. In addition, loose tea is cheaper than bag tea. In loose tea you will sometimes find significantly larger leaves that only fully develop their taste when brewed. In contrast, the ingredients for bag tea have already been crushed during the manufacturing process. Feel free to browse through our extensive selection if you want to buy loose tea online.

Would you like to buy black tea online?

Then click through our large selection of black tea. From Darjeeling and Assam to Ceylon and flight tea - we have various black teas from China, India, Nepal and Kenya. Whether pure or flavored black tea with vanilla, pineapple and lemon or chocolate - you can buy numerous types of black tea from us. In addition, black tea is also available from us as organic tea - as well as green tea, herbal tea, superfood tea, fruit tea or rooibos tea.

Would you rather buy herbal or fruit tea?

The taste of herbal and fruit teas is as different as our individual preferences. So that we can meet your taste for tea, you will find numerous variants in our tea online shop. With us, not all fruit teas are the same, and not all herbal teas are the same. Take a look at the categories of fruit and herbal teas and let yourself be inspired by our wide range of products. And if you are also curious about unusual teas such as oolong tea, chai, white tea or rooibus tea, we recommend that you browse through our other tea categories.

Buy tea in summer? It all depends on the variety

Tea can be drunk all year round. While most people like to drink a warming tea in winter, there are also a variety of refreshing teas for the summer. These include, for example, our fruit teas with grapefruit and passion fruit, sunflower, passion fruit and papaya as well as our South African organic rooibus tea "Cape Town", which contains sweet passion fruit as well as fresh lime and vanilla. If you want to buy tea in summer too, you are sure to find delicious teas to suit your taste in our online shop.

Superfood available in our tea shop

Our standard range of tea also includes various types of superfood teas. In addition to date tea and aronia berries, you can also buy nettle tea, psyllium husks, chia seeds and turmeric root tea from us. Also available are teas made from pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, dandelion roots, rose petals or quinoa seeds. You can also try our superfruit tea, a fruit tea with aloe vera, mango and strawberry. Or how about a cup of Superfresh, an exotic fruit tea with papaya, lemon and ginger? Thanks to the different pack sizes, you can initially buy new types of tea in smaller containers so that you can test their taste in peace. If you want to buy one or more types of tea, we also offer our entire range of tea in environmentally friendly refill packs. So buying tea is not only fun, it is also sustainable at the same time.

Buy tea accessories and tea services

Of course, in addition to loose tea in tea caddies and refill packs, you can also get the right tea accessories from us. From filter clips and filter holders to double-wing filters and straws for mate tea to decorative and highly absorbent tea towels made of pure cotton - order the right accessories when you buy tea from us. In addition to the selection of teas, our online tea shop also offers you the option of looking for specials. Our tea special offers include gift sets, sleeping tea, tea for women, iced tea and tea for athletes, as well as tea for Lent, during pregnancy or tea for children. Of course, you can also buy the right tea set from us. Whether as a gift or for yourself, you decide. We not only offer the right tea for every tea drinker, but also the right tea service.