Cotton filter (various sizes)
Package: XL (Ø 9 cm extralang)
Cotton filters for mugs or jugs in various sizes

Variants from £3.90*
Filter holder size M
Filter holder made of plastic suitable for paper filter size M.

Permanent filter plastic (various sizes)
Package: L (Ø 7 cm)
Black permanent filter made of plastic, which is suitable for almost every cup, but also pot, thanks to the two wings. The sieve has a particularly fine mesh and is therefore also suitable for rooibos tea. The scope of delivery includes a lid, thanks to which your tea will not cool down even during longer brewing times. 

Variants from £6.90*
Loose leaf infuser, stainless steel (⌀ 5 cm)
Package: S (Ø 5 cm)
Infuser, suitable for brewing in a tea pot with diameter 5 cm.

Paper filter L
Paper filter in size L with practical filling tab. 50 pieces/box made of unbleached paper.

Paper filters (various sizes)
Package: M (pot)
Paper filters in different sizes with practical filling tab. 100 pieces/box made of unbleached paper.

Variants from £3.50*
Personal Tea Filters (Japanese)
Simply fill your favourite tea into a fleece bag, fold it over and use it like a tea bag. The size is designed so that the tea bag can be used for both a cup and a pot. 64 pieces per pack.

Pip Studio Tea Egg
This tea egg by Studio Pip consists of a filter in the shape of a teapot with a porcelain pendant. 

Stainless steel filter with double handle (size M)
Stainless steel filter with double handle and drip tray.Dimensions: diameter 6 cm inside, 7.5 cm outside

Tea tongs
Package: S (Ø 4,5 cm)
Stainless steel, dishwasher safe, in various sizes suitable for all cups and jugs.

Tea filter Geisha (red)
Ceramic doll with integrated tea strainer in the shape of a geisha.

Tea infuser
Large tea infuser, suitable for cups and pots (diameter 6 cm, height 6.0 cm), stainless steel, bayonet lock

Tea thermometer
Tea water thermometer made of wood that also floats in the pot thanks to the cork ring. Determine the optimal over-brewing temperature for your tea.

Teapot filter clip
Stainless steel filter clip in the shape of a teapot, suitable as a closure for all paper filters.