Sleep well
Verpackung: Tea & More Dose | amount: 100g
Do you sleep well? Do something good for your body and mind with this soothing blend of passion flower, valerian and lemon balm. Come to rest and start into a good night! CaffeineThis tea contains no caffeine.IngredientsValerian root, passion flower herb, lemon balm leaves, peppermint, fennel, caraway, aniseed, rose hip peels, rosemary leaves, marigold blossoms

Chamomile flowers (Matricaria chamomilla) (organic)
Verpackung: Tea & More Dose | amount: 100g
Chamomile tea is not only delicious, but also one of the most popular remedies in Europe. PreparationPour 1 cup (0.3 litre) of boiling water over 2 teaspoons, cover and leave to steep for 10 minutes and strain.

Japan Gabalong
Verpackung: Tea & More Dose | amount: 100g
Gabalong is a green tea speciality from Japan that has only been available for a few years. In terms of quality and taste, it is classified between Gyokuro and Sencha. Gabalong is a special cultivation. Green tea Japan Gabalong has a light, emerald green cup and delights with its softness in the mouth and a multi-layered, noble aroma. IngredientsGreen Tea

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) (organic)
Verpackung: Tea & More Dose | amount: 100g
Lavender is not only used in cosmetics, but also in the kitchen. Prepared as lavender tea, it delights with its fragrant aroma. PreparationPour boiling water over 2 heaped teaspoons and leave to steep, covered, for 10 minutes.FamilyLabiates (Lamiaceae)Plant partsFlowersOriginFrance

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) (organic)
Verpackung: Nachfüllpack | amount: 100g
The Arabs brought lemon balm to Europe in the Middle Ages, and in this country lemon balm tea is now traded as a medicinal plant that has a pleasant aroma. PreparationPour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 teaspoons of lemon balm leaves, cover and steep for 5 minutes, then strain.FamilyLabiates (Lamiaceae)Plant partsLeaves (tea cut)OriginGermany

Sweet Dreams
Verpackung: Tea & More Dose | amount: 100g
Fruity herbal tea blend with lemon balm, chamomile, orange and many other wholesome ingredients. Ingredients Melissa leaves, heather, peppermint leaves, camomile, orange blossoms, strawberry leaves, flavouring.